My favorite drink: Purple Potato Latte. 
The past two months had been crazy, my life turning a 360degree twist in a blink. I needed a time-out and a day from my weekends was all I got. It was a good thing my childhood friend asked me to accompany her at SM Mega for some errands, I automatically thought of Subspace, of course. I needed my comfort drink. We had a long walk from Mega but it was worth it.

I was thinking of running to SM North for Gongcha, but this was way better. And to be surrounded with something related to KPop was just a piece of heaven for me. 

So we got in and I bought our drink. She didn't know what to have, so there, I surprised her with the purple drink. She liked it. We didn't stay too long for we need to get back to our "job" of taking care of our sick family members.

I'd treat it as a quick get away from the emotional draining situation in my life right now. Good thing there's a place called Subspace.

I would really like to take the BtoB boys here. It's a nice, cozy, friendly place~ and I'm just wishful thinking.
Hope they would have some BtoB items? I'd definitely buy. 

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